Student Startups

Pots and Lots

Pots N Lots is an online mobile based platform- a website, an application. Pots N Lots basically bridges the gap between the needy rural potters, pot sellers who are in search of getting a good revenue for their products and those gardeners and passionate people who are in search of minimalistic, aesthetic, unique yet a budget friendly pots and other artifacts that are quite expensive in the super markets. Moreover, these potters live far away from the city and people don’t get time easily to go and buy from these potters. The USP of our venture lies in the transportation and customisation- we provide artistic effects, planting a plant as per the customer's demand- be it living or an imitation. 


Rental  Bike The  idea  is  about  making  potential  customers  (mostly  hostellers)  to  the  showroom's second-hand  bike  rental  service.  We  will  be  renting  bikes  from  showrooms  that  charge  either per  hour  or  per  km  /  hr,  depending  on  which  is  higher.  The  commission  from  the  showroom  on each  rented  bike  will  be  our  source  of  income.  The  customer  can    operate  the  bike  themselves no  drivers  will  be  provided.


We have an online merchandise store where we are actually doing dropshipping. Here we are creating our design for the T-Shirt and marketing it. We have made a website on Shopify ( and working on it and also made an Instagram handle where customers can see the designs and if they want to buy that T-Shirt they can come onto that website select that design and pay and the product will be delivered to them. We are working on the part of reverse logistics. 


On 12th of January, 2023 Thursday, out of several ideas the team has come to a final idea of setting up of a Reprocessing and Recycling unit of Plastic items into reprocessed plastic granules. 

This work is basically based on creating best out of wastes. The raw material for this venture will be the plastic scraps, or the existing plastic based industries where the virgin granules (say HDPE- High Density Polyethylene and LDPE- Low Density Polyethylene) are used once got from the refinery to make a certain product. But the Reprocess Machine will be used to make reprocessed granules again so that it gets involved in the sustainability of the same particular product without issuing the new sets of virgin granules. This particular process is somehow resulting in reduction of usage of plastic.

The USP of the product will be, the demand of the used granules for the products in the existing industries as it will comparatively be cheaper than the refined virgin granules which somehow reduces their costs and results in more demand of our product.

For this idea eventually, we will be beginning with work of creating a database of all the suppliers who deals with the type of granules we want and simultaneously we will be surfing and making a database of our consumers that is the TAM (Total Addressable Market).  Whatever knowledge we get with our supervisor we will imply as much as we can.

U Maid

Maid service startup is an innovative business model that focuses on providing professional maid services to residential clients. These services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the customer and can range from basic cleaning to deep cleaning, utensil washing, cooking, and other specialized services. The goal is to provide a more efficient and convenient way for customers to maintain a clean environment in their homes.


Sustainable and eco-friendly gifting is a growing trend that emphasizes the importance of giving gifts that are not only thoughtful and meaningful but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. This concept recognizes the impact that modern-day gift-giving practices can have on the environment, including the excessive use of resources, the creation of waste, and the contribution to climate change. Traditionally, Indian gifts have been something that can be used and reused time and again, but with modernization came the modern gifts, which had very high levels of plastic and other non-biodegradable elements in them. We would like to revive the traditional Indian gifting culture. The art, the culture, and the heritage of India duly deserve the limelight, the appreciation, and the acknowledgement of its people, which we would try to achieve with the help of local, small-scale artists, which in turn would help them to uplift their living standards.   

" Diyeje aapke aapno ko ek tohfa aapki mitti aur prakriti se juda."


Indikraft - the perfect marketplace to discover and buy unique, handmade, and eco-friendly products. Shop from a wide range of sustainable products that are made by artisans from all around India. Support the local craftsmen while buying ethically-sourced items and know that you are doing your bit for the environment. Indikraft – making it easier for you to buy responsibly, without sacrificing on quality or style.

Dairy free Delight

The production of dairy milk has been associated with animal cruelty, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change.            Additionally, some people have health concerns related to lactose intolerance, allergies, or the presence of hormones and antibiotics in dairy milk. Vegan milk, made from plants such as soy, almonds, oats, or coconut, can offer a range of nutritional benefits, including lower calories, fat, and cholesterol, and higher fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Therefore, we the team VEGANIANS have come up with a vegan milk business that can address multiple problems, including animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and human health, by offering an alternative to dairy milk that is cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and nutritious.

Wow Creare

Collection of recycled wastes and processing them for further use by making new ones.

 Recycled wastes consists of paper, e-waste, plastics and even clothes etc.

Creating an online platform for selling these articles.