Entrepreneurship Summit


Name of the Event: Entrepreneurship Summit

Theme of the Event: “Entrepreneurship in Digital Landscape: Risks and Opportunities”


Name of the Speaker(s):-

·         Mr. Rahul Basak, Co-Founder and CEO, Amar Canvas

·         Mr. Aarsh Srivastava, Co-Founder & COO, Gravitas AI

·         Mr. Shamik Guha, Co-Founder, Altor

·         Mr. Arijit Hazra, CEO, Think Again Lab

·         Mr. Satadru Chowdhury, Managing Director, Vaanahaa Education and Innovation Labs

·         Mr. Amit Das, Founder and CEO, Electronic One


Hosted by: Dr. Sachin Modgil, Assistant Professor - Operations Management, IMI Kolkata


Date of the Event: 25th June 2022

Time of the Event: (10 AM to 12 PM)

Mr. Rahul Basak


·         The round of discussion started with Mr. Basak, who threw some light on the importance of skills in today’s day and age.

·         According to him, students should emphasize on skills rather than degrees and it is very important to have a combination of both good skills and formal training to succeed in life and follow one’s passion.


Mr. Aarsh Srivastava


·         When asked about the correct approach to digital platforms and technologies, Mr. Srivastava said, “Any change in culture would have its own advantages and disadvantages”.

·         He also mentioned that in order to flourish in the digital age, entrepreneurs need to research more, understand more, think of user-centric solutions, remove biases and develop an environment of trust


Mr. Shamik Guha


·         Continuing with the discussion, Mr. Guha mentioned that the digital entrepreneurship landscape is rising and in the next 20 years only skill-based jobs will be relevant. The demand will only get higher and the digital platforms keep creating new segments of jobs which will require a lot of skills.

·         The higher educational institutions of today need to understand this change and should start imbibing skills-based courses in the curriculum so that students are prepared for the upcoming challenges.


Mr. Arijit Hazra


·         Mr. Arijit Hazra was asked how startups can ensure adequate cybersecurity, to which he replied, “We might think that we have built enough infrastructure, but digital security is still in its nascent stage. Cybersecurity is important for product development. Entrepreneurs need to focus not only on solutions, but also on protection.”


Mr. Satadru Chowdhury


·         Mr. Chowdhury, Managing Director, Vaanahaa Education and Innovation Labs elucidated on the root causes of the failures of start-ups.

·         As per him, the three most important causes are: the identification of a right problem, appropriate pricing and maintaining a team.

·         The right mantra to succeed is supporting each other and succeeding together.


Ms. Amit Das


·         When asked about the evolving mindsets of entrepreneurs when accommodating the change in technology, Mr. Das said “Change of mindset (…in entrepreneurs) from operating in a consumption-lead market to an export-lead market is essential for making profits”

·         He also mentioned that needs to focus upon how a product can be sold globally and be more adaptive and flexible, rather than simply aggressive.


Expert Talks on Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Name of the Event: Expert Talks on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Theme of the EventInnovation the specific instrument of entrepreneurship


Name of the Speaker(s): -


Hosted by: -

·         Rajashri Chatterjee (Ph.D. (The University of Burdwan), master’s in finance (University of Calcutta) & MBA (WBUT))

·         Sachin Modgil (FPM (Supply Chain Management) - NITIE, Mumbai) (Associate Professor- Operations and Supply Chain Management; Area Chair- Operations Management; Chairperson - Alumni Relations)

Mr. Surbhit Lihala

Entrepreneurship and innovation can be exciting and fulfilling career opportunities where individuals can use their creativity, problem-solving skills, and business acumen to bring new products, services, and ideas to market.

Here are some of the key benefits of an entrepreneurship and innovation career as given by both of our esteemed guest Mr. Surbhit Lihala and Mr. Vishal Sudam


·         Opportunity to create and build something from scratch: Entrepreneurs can identify market problems and needs, build solutions from the ground up, and turn ideas into successful businesses.

·         Flexibility and Autonomy: Entrepreneurs are often bosses themselves and have the freedom to make decisions about their business and how to run it.

·         High Reward Potential: Running a successful business can be a path to great financial rewards and personal wealth.


Mr. Vishal Sudam

Mr. Vishal Sudam (Assistant Director, Indian Patent Attorney Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited India.) also said that it is important to note that entrepreneurship is both dangerous and rewarding, and not all businesses are successful. It often requires a lot of effort, dedication, and perseverance. But for those willing to take risks, a career in entrepreneurship and innovation can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Here are some of the key points shared by Mr. Sudam. 


·         Be proactive: Entrepreneurs who build businesses that address social and environmental challenges can have a positive impact on society and the world. Personal and professional growth:

·         Growth on a personal and professional level: Starting and expanding a business may be a difficult but rewarding experience that aids people in gaining a variety of abilities, including leadership, management, financial savvy, and sales and marketing.

Tata Social Entrepreneurship Challenge  

Name of the Event- Tata Social Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Theme of the Event- An understanding of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and networking opportunities.

Name of the Speaker(s): -

Hosted By: -


Date and Time of the Event: - 3rd March 2023 (3pm to 5.30pm)

A national level competition to identify India's most promising social enterprises, the TATA Social Enterprise Challenge is a collaborative project of TATA Sons and the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM Calcutta). The TATA Social Enterprise Challenge aims to inspire young people to step up and become the next generation of social entrepreneurs while also promoting social entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurs from all over India who either have an early-stage enterprise or an idea with a proof of concept will be invited to participate in the competition. The proposed business endeavour must have a viable business plan that has social impact. The business model is not constrained; it may be for-profit, not-for-profit, or even a hybrid approach.

In order to be considered for a 3-week mentorship programme that includes mentorship on the IIM Calcutta campus, the teams are expected to submit a thorough Impact Proposal for the event. The competition will identify social entrepreneurs who will receive financial grants, mentoring support, and the chance to present their ideas for funding and incubation at IIM Calcutta. 


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